Design of plastic parts Manufacture of plastic parts

Design of plastic parts Manufacture of plastic parts

Design of plastic parts and plastic mold is the most important part in the production and injection of plastic, by designing a


suitable and durable mold, you can have high quality output products.

How to design a plastic mold?

The templates must first be designed in computer systems. For this purpose, they are designed with 1 special program.

For popular products, there are ready-made templates that you can choose from and no more extra costs for template design. But if you need an original piece with a special design, you should get help from professional designers to do the best mold and design of plastic parts for you.

To make plastic parts, we must first have a precise knowledge of plastic materials, to know what kind of plastic material to use to produce a piece.

First, the design of plastic parts and their production should be considered, their application, and the place where it is to be used, in the next step, we will deal with the material and type of plastic materials.

Collecting this information has reduced costs, in general, engineering design has a very high impact on the design and manufacture of plastic molds and ….

Most plastic parts are made using plastic injection technology, plastic injection is a manufacturing technology for mass production of the same plastic parts with low error.

In general, it can be said that mold design and production are very sensitive and important steps in the production and injection of plastics, which if not done properly and accurately enough, will have a direct impact on your products.


Modeling of various parts

Prototyping of the highest quality plastic parts
Mass production of plastic parts in the shortest time and with the highest quality
(Design and production of plastic parts)

Plastic mold design calculations

Manufacture of plastic parts without mold

Production of small plastic parts

Plastic injection mold components

Manufacture of custom plastic parts

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