3D printing / 3D scanning of plastic parts

Today, the issue of time and its reduction is very important for the production of products, and we always try to produce quality industrial parts in a short time.
In the production of plastic parts, one of the ways to reduce the use time of 3D printers is.
Due to this issue, our engineering group has produced plastic and industrial parts by using 3D scanners and 3D prints. In the projects section, you can see an example of our work.

3D printing / 3D scanning of plastic parts

3D printing / 3D scanning of plastic parts

Design of plastic molds using 3D scanning

Some of our services:

Optics measurement
Create a three-dimensional model
3D printing services
Prepare a three-dimensional model of the parts
Reverse engineering in the manufacture of parts

The following is a brief description of 3D scanning and its application.

Definition of 3D scanner? Benefits and its application?

A 3D scanner analyzes an object or object in the real world and gives us information about their features and shapes, such as color, size, and appearance; and based on i, this information produces a three-dimensional model. In fact, the main application of 3D scanners is in film and game processing, and it has other applications in the production of artificial limbs, prototyping, industrial design, and so on.

It is not always possible to process a 3D model with a simple scan, sometimes multiple scans from different angles are required. These 3D scans are aligned in a common coordinate system and finally combined for a complete 3D model. .

The development of various industries such as the production of shoes, food and health, car parts, etc. and the country’s need to manufacture, inverted engineering and localization of parts in these industries became jh Companies to make these parts need technology to be able to geometric information Bring the parts with high precision to the possibility of mold making to make these parts and produce these parts. This technology is known as: 3D scanning, component optics, etc. These services require high-tech, high-precision devices known as 3D scanners. Eventually it becomes a three-dimensional model of the piece and then belongs to the mold of the piece is made from it.

Nh company started its activity in 2003 in the field of providing 3D scanning services (OPTIC), design and reverse engineering of parts, and having two models of 3D scanners in various industries similar to plastics and rubber industries. , Mold making, auto parts, bottle processing, industrial parts, home appliances, shoe molds, casting, medical equipment, etc. This service has the ability to three-dimensional scan and measure delicate parts and The complex has a resolution of 10 microns, a density of 5 megapixels and provides service in the shortest time.

With European scanners 2017 and 2020, nh has the ability to scan 3D and measure thin and complex parts with an accuracy of 10 microns, 5 megapixel dot density and provide services in the shortest time. Also, this collector has no limit on the size and weight of the parts to be measured, and with its portable outfit and experienced personnel, it is able to provide services at the client site for large parts.

This collection can complete 3D scanning of parts and products of various industries:

– Home appliance manufacturing industries

– Shoe manufacturing industries

– Casting industries

– Bottle and plastic container processing industries

– Automotive industry

Aircraft industry

– And …

3D scanners

A 3D scanner is a tool that can bring information from the appearance and alien appearance of a piece. This round technology is one of the fastest and most basic ways to get information from the shape and form of a piece. 3D scanning information eventually becomes a 3D model of the desired piece. There are several ways to make 3D scanners. Each method has its own advantages, disadvantages, costs and limitations. Many of these limitations are related to the characteristics of the components that are scanned in 3D.


3D printing / 3D scanning of plastic parts

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