Definition and industrial application of plastic injection molds

Definition and industrial application of plastic injection molds

Today, we are all using plastic parts and we deal with them immediately. This website is about the general process of making plastic parts and producing plastic products. In this post, we will first define and use plastic injection molds.

The plastic injection mold is used to produce plastic accessories, and the general process is that first the plastic material is injected and the piece is formed, separated from the mold and cooled.

Plastic injection may be done in different ways, but the best way is to use the mold. And this mold initially leads to the production of mold in stages (ideation, product design, mold design) according to the customer’s taste and needs.

Plastic parts are used in a variety of classes, including:

Automotive industry, home appliances, audio and video, kitchens, toys, medicine and …..

Plastic injection molds were expensive in the past, and were used for mass production.

Molds are made of steel, prestressed steel (aluminum and copper-beryllium alloys), mold is one of the most important factors.

Steel molds: have a long life and as a result produce more products, these molds have a higher price than other molds.

Pre-hardened steel molds: These molds are used to produce low volume or large parts, these molds wear out sooner.

Aluminum molds: Aluminum molds have a short production process due to the rapid reduction of heat, aluminum can be used to make molds of hundreds of thousands of different pieces; And they are very economical in terms of production cost.

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The totality of our involvement in compiling this scientific paper has been the answer to this question: What exactly is plastic injection? How does it work? What is its income? Where do we start to achieve that? So, if these questions have entertained your mind, follow us to the end of the article to find your answer!

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Plastic injection was first used in 1866. This method was used to form billiard ball items. In this way, a person named Celluloid injected into a mold and successfully extracted his opinion in favor of the shape of the item.

This method became known as plastic injection. About 6 years later, the first plastic injection machine was initiated by the same person and his brother.

But this device was very ordinary and rudimentary and bore no resemblance to the sophisticated and modern devices. Of course, today they create very accurate and various devices with the help of plastic injection machines.



Through plastic injection activity


The most important advantages of plastic injection machines are that they can produce accurate and quality parts in many species in a very rare time. But this high speed of activity does not mean that the activity is comfortable or insignificant. But in order to get the right grace, it is necessary to observe all the key points of the action.

Also, to apply this process to individuals, high expertise and skills are required. Through plastic injection activity, the power was divided into 4 separate parts. Each of these four steps are:

• Providing the device

Before doing anything, you need to prepare the device templates with a very high concentration. At this stage, it is very important to pay attention to the activity and the delicate fastening of the mold components to each other. The template usually consists of two moving parts and a proof.

If the components of the mold are not fastened well, the main defects in the constructed goods will be the last eye.

Therefore, it is necessary to have high attention in all processes. Different formats will be used carefully as it is supposed to be constructed. In fact, this template is the basics of making a face.

• Mold nutrition

Feeding the mold means inserting the material of the plastic application into the inside of the mold. This stage is called injection.

In this way, the plastic enters the device in a fashionable way. That is, the work of injecting plastic into the inside of the mold to form the corresponding piece is performed at this stage.

Then, with the help of compressive force and temperature, the plastic is melted and formed into a mold. This stage requires high expertise and skills and is kind of the most basic stage. Finally, the plastic becomes flexible and takes on the shape of a mold.

• Temperature reduction

The third step in plastic injection is the temperature reduction step. This stage is also called cooling. In this way, the plastic that had entered the mold as the raw material and was exposed to heat should be cooled slowly. Injected in plastic, it will find a fixed face.

Dimensional tolerance must be taken into account so that the piece does not differ from your later fashion. It should also be noted that the cooling process is completely principled. Because the speed is too high or too low in cooling the piece will have a direct impact on the final face and its quality.

• The last step

The final stage is the stage that