Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

* Plastic and injection products in the paint industry

طراحی و اجرای قالب تزریق پلاستیک

Among the products that the plastic injection machine is capable of creating are buckets and 
cans of the paint industry. The bucket and can are made in such a way that the polymer granules
 are first melted and then poured into a plastic injection mold under very high pressure.

Liquid plastics inside the mold are rarely cooled and formed. The raw materials of the 
item are used to make buckets and cans of thermoplastic polymers that can be painted and 
filled with other additives. One of the most important factors in using a plastic injection
 machine is the following cost per piece in high circulations. But the high costs for supplying 
the plastic injection machine and forming the mold had to be taken into account.

* Plastic injection machines in the military industry

One of the most important parts produced by plastic injection machines is the connectors of military industries. Military

connectors have different designs and the item is used according to the implementations.

In fact, military connectors are a special type of connector that is implemented for stressful 
situations and distances and is used as an item. Depending on the type of connectors, it can be
 used in different spaces. For example, circular connectors are used in areas such as telephone
 facilities, oil and gas industries to strengthen durability and resistance to vibration and
 corrosion of the item.

Plastic products of communication industry with the help of injection molding machine



قطعات پلاستیکی برای تلفن


In communication industries, the following parts can be formed with plastic injection machine:

1) Plastic shell of smart phones

2) Plastic radio

3) Plastic parts for the phone

4) Plastic computer parts

5) Plastic charger parts

6) Plastic duct types

7) Plastic phone

8) Telecommunication parts

9) Plastic parts

10) Radio, television, computer

11) Telecommunication post box

Plastic products of the aviation industry by employing plastic injection machines

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds Various parts of the aerospace industry are made of plastic

parts in the form of plastic injection. Aircraft parts that are made by plastic injection molding include the following

materials: Design and execution of plastic injection molding

1) The side areas of the cockpit

2) Food protection environments

3) Different parts of the chair

In order to create these parts, in addition to strengthening these parts, they must also have 
some weight. It is a polycarbonate reinforcing material that is used in the aviation industry.
 Polycarbonate is used for molding and extruding.

* Utilization of plastic injection facilities in the road construction and urban planning industry

نماد «مورد تأیید انجمن»

In the road construction and urban planning industries, the parts that can be manufactured by 
plastic injection molding machine are as follows:

1) Creation of road machinery parts and method making

2) Speed ​​bumps

3) Driving lamps and warning signs

Accelerators are divided into two groups:

1) Rubber accelerator

2) Plastic accelerator

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

* Plastic injection and construction industry products

Plastic products Construction that is made by the method of plastic injection can be as follows

, which is created depending on the type of material and mold needed: 1) Windows 2) Doors to houses 3) Flooring 4) Roofing of buildings and houses

Construction parts are made with PVC injection machines. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, for example, are
 very common plastics. This plastic material is used in 50-60% of plastic buildings.

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

* Formed decorative furniture by using plastic injection machines

Plastic decorative parts One of the most widely used products is the plastic injection 
machine, which can be difficult or flexible or opaque. Most home
 furnishings, for example, are plastic injection molding products.

The first raw materials that are used to prepare and adjust plastic due to the way
 plastic is injected and the creation of plastic products such as furniture and
 decorative furniture for Marvd house are oil and gas. By combining these fossil
 fuels with oxygen and chlorine, the power of plastic molds and plastic products
 such as home decor can be constructed.

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

* Horticultural and agricultural products with the help of plastic injection machines

One of the other industries in which plastic parts are used is agriculture and horticulture

. For example, parts produced by plastic injection machines in the agricultural and horticultural

industry can be mentioned as follows:

1) Plastic fruit baskets

2) Plastic buckets

3) Plastic pots

* Manufacturing auto industry parts with the help of polymer and plastic injection machine

Plastic parts of the automotive industry are built in the following two teams:

1) Non-dependent plastic parts

2) Our plastic parts needed in the construction line

For example, car parts made with a plastic injection machine can be as follows:

نماد «مورد تأیید انجمن»

1) Car bumper shapes

2) Car interior cover and decorative environments

3) Car alternator

4) Command

5) Formed door covers

The first materials that are mostly used to make car plastic parts 
include POM, PP, ABS, PA, PA-NLE, ABS-SD150.

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

* Plastic injection and created medical furniture


In the formation of medical furniture, the formation of parts and molds of the injection device

is very important. Carefully considering the widespread use of medical devices and their high

sales, the authority believed that the sale of these facilities is very original.

For example, the parts that are carefully selected by the method of plastic injection in the

medical furniture industry can be referred to the types of laboratory tubes and syringes, etc.

* Plastic cups are made using plastic injection machines

There are two general ways to create the power of plastic containers:

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

1) Half forming or PS

2) Thermoforming or PP


Between the above two ways is a fundamental difference in value and method and materials
 produced. How to make a container for a luggage is that first the granules are melted
 and then the molten material is turned into a sheet and during the process of pressing
 and development, it becomes different containers.

It is applied evenly through the first material with polystyrene product. 
The containers produced by these devices are usually vulnerable, however, most
 plastic containers are currently made using this device. In the second 
method, polypropylene materials are used for the purpose of cheap wetness and availability.

Because these machines are made of two disconnected parts for sheet and press 
making, the power of the sheets produced by this machine in other industries
 also benefited. Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

* Use of plastic injection machines to make parts for the water and sewage industry

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds

Forms of products that have gained authority in the water and wastewater
 industry through plastic injection:

1) Rubber gasket shapes

2) Concrete lorries with weapons

3) Washers sizes 600 mm - 800 mm - 1000 mm - 1200 mm

4) Unique sewer pipe o-rings

5) Shapes of special gaskets for water and sewage pipes

6) Unique types of seals for concrete pipes

7) Shapes of their washers

8) Sewer valve shapes

9) Unique types of rubber seals for water and sewage ponds

10) Washers of polyethylene pipes

11) Special washers and o-rings for water supply, drip and irrigation pipes around Sabz Shahri

12) Rubber gaskets and o-rings for sealing steel pipes in different sizes

* Manufacturer of game furniture using plastic injection machines

The manufacturer of toys and furniture needs a plastic injection machine to make tools such as

baby toys, plastic dolls, and wheeled toys. The raw materials used to regulate plastics include

oil and gas. These fossil fuels are usually combined with oxygen and chlorine and used to form

various types of plastic parts such as plastic toys and plastic dolls.

The process of creating plastic parts using injection molds and pneumatic molds

Closing step In this step, the mold formed for the construction of the part must
 be installed on the injection machine or the pneumatic construction machine.
 This template is pre-made based on the recommender design.

Injection stage or sending hot air: In this stage, molten plastic materials
 are injected into the mold or it is suspected by using hot air inside the mold.

Design and implementation of plastic injection molds