Order making plastic parts

Order making plastic parts

Order making plastic parts

Investigating the factors involved in pricing in order to provide a reasonable price:
We believe that product quality is an inalienable right of a customer, sometimes it is heard that manufacturers promote good quality products and call it a
They are considered an advantage. Unaware that quality determines the survival of a producer and must be maneuvered in other areas for advertising. Areas that address customer needs and concerns; For us, these zones are:

Reasonable pricing:

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Order making plastic parts

Dear customers, you can compare the price and services of nh production group by requesting an inquiry about the price of producing plastic pieces or inquiring about the price of manufacturing injectable and inflatable plastic molds.
Correct timing:
It is obvious that controlling projects and their correct and regular scheduling will help us in offering a competitive price and success in price inquiry and giving a reasonable price for making mold or processing,
After-sales service guarantee:
All plastic parts processed by nh or molding projects have “nh warranty” and our after-sales service, which is done in line with our commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction.
How to provide these services:
Other topics that can be considered are how to provide these services, all of which you can see in the provisions of our contracts…,

Using its experience and literature, nh production group has designed a detailed and comprehensive pricing system and by identifying all the factors involved in the finished price of the product, both in terms of processing price of plastic injection parts and in terms of manufacturing price of plastic molds, a reasonable price and Fully competitive for its activities and services.
Controlling overhead costs, purchasing supplies properly, managing construction projects, minimizing waste, and increasing cross-border processing are possible factors that you can focus on at the most desirable price and reduce investment costs. You who promise a win-win exchange have arrived,
Nh production group uses project management software and manages the labor force maturity and costs at the beginning of concluding a contract. Modern and fundamental behavior to minimize its finished prices for customers.

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Plastic injection services

Plastic injection services

Plastic injection and manufacturing of plastic parts is the specialty of Plastic Molds Company. Our company, with the most modern injection equipment and experienced staff, has the ability to produce the best plastic parts in the shortest maturity, with immeasurable and eye-catching quality and eye-catching with foreign samples.

You can see some of the parts processed by plastic injection at the price of the portfolio. Considering the price and severe currency fluctuations and the discussion of sanctions, one of the advantages of plastic injection is the processing of parts with the following high costs compared to foreign samples.

Another advantage of plastic injection services or the plastic injection industry is the production of a large number of parts.

How plastic parts are made

In order to be able to produce plastic parts, it is necessary to first know the quality of the plastic material used in it or how much heat is needed to be given to the plastic, and at the same time, one must be aware of this subject for what application it is needed. Plastic parts to the profession.

In order to make plastic parts, it is necessary to have knowledge and, of course, superiority in this field of existence.

Plastic piece material
Number of holes
Geometric shape of a plastic piece
Number of valves
The size of the plastic pieces
The complexity of the plastic piece
Curves and arches
Number of plastic piece processing circulations
Type of injection device
And …

After this, the desired mold was designed by soft motives and all its parts were checked and approved, the manufacture of plastic molds is started and produced.

Order making plastic parts
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