Use plastic injection to make toy accessories

Another application of plastic injection molding is in toy making. Many toys are made using plastic injection, such as plastic dolls, wheeled toys, and plastic structures. In many toys, plastics are made in a way that is similar to other materials such as wood, leather and silk.

Definition of die cast toy


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In the production of die-cast toys, not only plastic is used, and real metal is also used in them. And that is why these toys are heavier than toys that are purely plastic.

Diecast is also named for this reason, die casting into a mold using a combination of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper.

Many toy manufacturers typically inject plastic into molds to make lighter toys at a lower cost; By replacing plastic with molten metal, it creates a stronger and heavier shape. And the only drawback is the increase in the price of toys. Some Transformers toys have plastic bodies, but some parts are made of metal.

What kind of toys are made by die-casting or casting?

Collectible toys such as Action Figures use die-casting. Die-casting may be used in toys, but in general die-casting is used more for very expensive and advanced toys that are for collectors, not for toys that are Produced for children’s play.

Plastic injection mold