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؟What factors determine the design of a new product

Being useful: If you have in mind to produce a product that may not be needed, it is better to stop producing it, the production of a new product should help us meet the needs and be useful and superior to other accessories

The new product should alleviate the existing problems, the new products should be such that it changes the world even to the extent of the blue drop and solves the existing problems and makes it easier to do things, otherwise it is not useful for us.

Product prototyping

فرآیند طراحی محصول

To view the product or attract the investor for mass production, it is necessary to sample the product.

It may be normal for the product to be available as soon as possible, and to be modified based on the views; But it can’t be considered a substitute for real and original use. When offering a product, make sure you have the best type of product you could offer. If you have done about 85% of the terms of the products and production and presented it, the expectation of the people from you will be at the same level..

And each time they have lower expectations, the trust is weakened. But if in the process of producing a product, regardless of how low their supply may be, it has the highest quality, your users know that this product is worth paying attention to.

The interesting thing about producing a product is that the big difference between a good product and a great product is 8% complementary. All products share about 90%; And these common features can be called: price, similar workflow. This is the last 8% of the part that sets you apart from your competitors. And that’s part of the design detail, and it takes up fifty percent of your time.

Good product, people automatically become your product seller

:Product design in NH Engineering Group is done as follows

Reverse Engineering NH: If the prototype of the product you are considering is available, the three-dimensional design of the art is obtained by performing the optical process and possible changes are made in the design

Creating a new design and product: If a person needs a new design and new products to produce, and using creative and skilled designers in NH Engineering Group, we offer unique designs. It is also possible to create a 3D computer file if a photo or a simple manual sketch of the NH Engineering Design Group is available:As a result, there are three specific general modes for product design

:As a result, there are three specific general modes for product design
1- Production and creation of new and innovative products that meet new needs
2- Optimizing the pre-designed piece
3- Simulation (a piece that has already been designed and produced)

NH Engineering Group is able to provide product design services for all of the above. In fact, our product design services include the following
• Create a new piece for an idea in the form of a plastic piece and …
• Modeling plastic parts …. (Customer sample)
• Modeling plastic parts …. based on photos or videos

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