Order to make plastic

Order to make plastic

Order to make plastic

plastic injection template

Order to make plastic

The cost of designing and producing a plastic injection mold for molding and injecting the frame or final packaging of your product is one of the highest costs that should be considered in your initial investment. These molds are more expensive than those used for high-volume production.

A simple template has two parts. The more complex your product looks, the more molds there will be. Most products come in 4 to 6 molds. The main cost of the templates is related to the amount:

Hardness of metal,
Its cavities,
Holes and side cavities of the piece

Is. In most cases, it is better to start with a single-hole mold embedded in softer steel to pay less.

Order to make plastic

Order to make plastic

Template design order cost

plastic injection:

Order to make plastic

Estimated cost for ordering plastic injection mold design to factors such as:

Simplicity of template
Hardness of mold metal
Side cavities of the mold

It depends. Simple molds have two parts. If the product has a more complex geometric appearance, the number of molds reaches 4 to 6. But in general, it can be said that the design cost is determined based on the design completion time of the mold.

The simpler and lighter the mold, the easier it is to design and the cheaper it is.

Order to make plastic

How: Order to make plastic

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Molding – Plastic molding

Nh Molding Company has been working for many years in the category of processing and distribution of plastic molds in the Iranian market. With more than 30 years of experience and brilliant history in this field, this company has been able to become one of the most prominent and long-established companies in the field of plastic mold processing.

With more than 9 years of educational background and more than 25 years of executive experience, this company has been able to fully master this field. This company, with its space, uniform and experienced manpower, can process any plastic mold and there is no limit in these items. This has caused many companies to place their orders with this company.

Nh Molding Company has been able to gain the trust of its customers to the fullest by doing its job in a principled manner, and this has led to the company’s superiority until this case. The company is fully acquainted with the competitive conditions of the market and can work well in the market in the field of plastic mold production.

What are the steps for molding a plastic mold?

1. The production of plastic molds has two general stages. In the first stage, computer systems are used to design the initial design. Soft templates such as CATIA and Solidwork are used to design the template. At this stage, an outline is designed. Using the same software and by expert and experienced experts, the original design is transformed into a 3D design or the same 3D design. And the bird to be evaluated and reviewed. All this is to ensure that the final product and piece have the desired quality. In the next step, the three-dimensional design must be sent to the CNC production unit before the plastic mold production process is pre-arranged.
2. In the second step of the set of mold production steps, a CNC machine is used to produce the mold. All parts of the mold must be done using this machine. The motivation is that this machine executes even the smallest parts with maximum accuracy and leaves no room for error.

Molding has different divisions due to the fact that it is used in different industries and spaces. Considering that the format of each industry is different from other industries, mold making takes place in different categories, such as:

Metal molds (cutting matrix mandrel, tension, bending, composite, progressive, fine blanking, forging)
Plastic molds (injection and pneumatic types (blooming))
Diecast templates (Hot Chamber, Cold Chamber)
Thermosting molds (bakelite)
Rubber molds (different types)
All kinds of jigs and fixtures and special museum hands

Again, Mayna divided each of these categories into different subcategories, but our intention is to mention the division only to acquaint you with this division, and to get acquainted with other species, you can use this division in this Have a field of study.


Order to make plastic

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