Production of plastic parts


Production of plastic parts

Producing quality plastic parts requires technical skills and long-term experience, using advanced equipment such as modern plastic injection machines.

We are ready to bring your pure ideas to the mass production line by performing services: designing plastic molds, making plastic injection molds and die-casting, and producing plastic parts.

Each stage of production of plastic parts is examined, so that your final product is produced with the most appropriate price and the highest quality available in the market.

As one of the major manufacturers of plastic molds and plastic parts, we assure you that your services in the production of plastic molds and injection of plastic molds and the production of all kinds of plastic parts will be done in the best way.

Quality control of all our plastic products or molding process is done with great care and sensitivity. In order to fulfill our commitment to you, we will carry out resistance, weight, dimensional, physical and other quality measurements in the desired quality.
If you need to design and manufacture all kinds of plastic injection molds, including injection molds, pneumatic, rotary and thermoforming molds and produce any plastic parts, you can contact our engineering group.

Engineer Hashemi: 09121014847

Engineer Abachi: 09123867712

Production of plastic parts

Production of plastic parts

Production of plastic parts

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Production of plastic parts
Production of plastic parts

Plastic mold components

The components of a plastic heart are: shoes, a bridge, a blind and a Kuwaiti, a fly, a paper fly, a spray, a hot run, etc.

The devices used to make plastic parts from plastic injection molds can be called well-known plastic injection machines, which include different types such as 50 g, 100 g, 1 kg and more. Generally, plastic injection molds are used to create a mass of Polymer or plastic is used, every piece of plastic that exists around us is certainly made of a shell. These shells are one of the most widely used shells and the output material of these shells is found in abundance in our livelihood.

The injection molding machine has two advantages:

Injection: where the plastic is melted and shaken towards the shell.

Preservative: which presses the shell. The preservative part is closed during injection and after injection and cooling, the material is opened and the scaled piece is taken out of the machine. Injection scaling and plastic scaling are the most common ways of forming plastic objects.

Advantages created plastic mold

Easy to create designs with intricate geometry and details to motivate high pressure

The opportunity for a relatively short construction cycle, which in Fayz made it possible to power more parts from just one shell made per unit of construction time.

Mass creation in very high area

Relatively rare staff costs

Creating a plastic shell is usually automatic.

Rare casualties

Multiple machines can be operated by a single operator.

Ability to work on a wide range of materials.

For information on the value of plastic shells and any advice about forming plastic shells, forming injection molds, forming plastic injection molds, you can contact Solid Consultants for results.

Production of plastic parts

Production of plastic parts